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American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association
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Welcome to the American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association's home on the web. The ASRBA is the official national specialty for both the Satin and Mini Satin breeds, otherwise known as: "The Team with Sheen". Please take a few minutes to look through our pages. Whether you are a seasoned breeder of Mini Satins and Satins, or new to the world of rabbit breeders, you're likely to find something of interest here.

The ASRBA is dedicated to uniting Mini Satin and Satin breeders throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide, for the promotion and development of our two stunning breeds! Feel free to contact any of our club members or officers for any assistance or questions that you may have. Better yet, join us and you will get a copy of our full color guidebook, receive our quarterly newsletter - The Satin News and have access to our Facebook group, available to ASRBA members only!

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Whether you prefer a rabbit with some 'heft' or lean towards the 'fancier' or maybe a little bit of both, Satins and/or Mini Satins will fit the bill! Both breeds feature the unique, smooth and glossy transparent hair shaft that is what puts the 'Satin' in Satins and Mini Satins. Satins fall under the American Rabbit Breeders Association's 'Commercial' body type classification with ideal mature weights of 9.5 lbs for bucks and 10 lbs for does. There are 11 distinct varieties/groups to choose from (if you really must): Black, Blue, Broken, Californian, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Copper, Otter, Red, Siamese, and White. Lilac Satins are currently under development.

Mini Satins are the 'junior' member of "Team Sheen" and fall under the ARBA's 'Compact' body type classification. The ideal mature body weight for both bucks and does is 4 lbs. If you love variety, these mini members of the 'Satin' team have it in spades! Current accepted varieties for Mini Satins are: Black, Blue, Broken, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Agouti, Copper, Himalayan, Opal, Otter, Red, Siamese, Silver Marten, Squirrel, Tortoise, and White.

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Looking for a breeder near you? Please feel free to access our Members Directory. A listing that includes name, rabbitry name, city, state, e-mail, and website link, if applicable, is available free to all ASRBA members.

We hope this website answers most of your questions, but if not, our webmaster is available to try and answer any questions you may have.


The Winter 2018 Issue of the Satin News is delayed as Dick works to provide the current Sweepstakes standings. Thank you for your patience through this transition and Merry Christmas!

ARCHIVED: This constitutional change ballot was included with the election of officer's ballot this fall. The by-laws revisions were voted upon at the ASRBA general membership meeting at the ARBA Convention in MA this fall. [ ASRBA Constitution, By‐laws and Show Rules Committee Report – April 2018 | Proposed By-Law Change to Article 4, Section 20.E – ASRBA Sweepstakes Chairman’s Salary ]

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