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American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association
National Events

American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association members have two premier show events which draw seasoned Satin and Mini Satin breeders and those just beginning their adventure with "Team Sheen" from all over Canada and the United States - The American Rabbit Breeders National Convention and the National All Satin Show (NASS for short).

Both of the above shows are made possible by dedicated breeders from host clubs volunteering their talents and many man-hours to see to it that breeders from coast-to-coast have a venue to display beautiful Satins and Mini Satins in all their glorious varieties - evidence for many, of years of dedicated breeding programs.

Show results from recent national shows can be accessed on the sidebar on the right of this page. Photos of recent winners will be available soon. Youth Contest results and Royalty winners will be available on the Youth page.

2019 NASS
Bloomington, IL


~ OPEN ~
BOB Mini Satin - Blue Senior Doe | Karsyn Bartell
BOS Mini Satin - White Senior Buck | Todd Naragon/LeAnn McKinney
BOB/BIS Satin - White Intermediate Doe | Darren, Michelle & Ricky Blue
BOS Satin - Blue Junior Buck | Bart Lillie

BOB Mini Satin - White Senior Doe | Makenzie Lamond
BOS Mini Satin - Chinchilla Senior Buck | Landon Terry
BOB/BIS Satin - White Intermediate Doe | Alexandra & Brayden Gast
BOS Satin - White Junior Buck | Alexandra & Brayden Gast

2018 ARBA Convention
West Springfield, Massachusetts

2018 Convention BOB Mini Satin
2018 Convention BOS Mini Satin
2018 Convention BOB Satin 2018 Convention BOS Satin
2018 Convention BOB Youth Mini Satin
2018 Convention BOS Youth Mini Satin
2018 Convention BOB Youth Satin
2018 Convention BOS Youth Satin

~ OPEN ~
BOB Mini Satin - Roger Hassenpflug/Ron Scott - Otter Sr Doe
BOS Mini Satin - Michelle Bauer/Sharon Bauer/Wade Burkholder/Jason Ross - White Sr Buck
BOB Satin - Andrea Baber - Blue Jr Doe
BOS Satin - Carl/Bonnie/Kathy Gustafson - White Jr Buck

BOB Mini Satin - Makenzie Lamond - Blue Jr Doe
BOS Mini Satin - Braelynn Jamison - White Jr Buck
BOB Satin - Alison Bentrup - Broken Jr Doe
BOS Satin - Abigail Polasik - Black Jr Buck

Variety Winners

2018 Convention BOV Broken Satin
2018 Convention BOSV Broken Satin
2018 Convention BOV (BOB) & BOSV Blue Satins 2018 Convention BOSV Black, BOSV BLue, BOV & BOSV Chin, BOV & BOSV Copper Satins

100 Years of Raising Satins and Mini Satins

From Left to Right: Mike Avesing (IA), Roger Hassenflug (OR), Paul Fickas (CA), John Fickas (CA), Sam Smith (MO)



Open Satin
Donald Sheets, Dereck Tuntland
Open Mini Satin
Wade Burkhalter, Gail Krall, Donyelle Schultz
Mike Avesing


Holiday Inn Express & Suites
RV parking onsite and in close proximity to showroom at Will Rogers Center

General Superintendent & Secretary: Michael Botello
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General Information: Gloria Blackman | 713-553-4045 |



ARBA Convention Results

NASS Results

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